Monday, August 31, 2015

Autumn 2015 Tour with CASPIAN 9/19-10/23

We are teaming up with our buddies in Caspian to tour the US/Canada this fall. Caspian is releasing a new record, "Dust and Disquiet" on Sept. 25th, so be sure to watch for it. We are supporting them on 25 shows, and have 4 additional shows on our own as a solo headliner.
Tickets are already selling quickly, buy them early!

9/19 Brooklyn, NY Rough Trade Records​ *SOLD OUT*
9/20 Providence, RI Aurora Providence​ ^^
9/21 Albany, NY @ Fuzebox ^^
9/22 Montreal, QC Petit Campus​
9/23 Toronto, ON Lee's Palace​
9/24 Ferndale, MI The Loving Touch​
9/25 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
9/26 Milwaukee, WI @ Company Brewing ^^
9/27 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock Social Club​^^
9/29 Lawrence, KS Jackpot Music Hall​
9/30 Omaha, NE Slowdown​
10/1 Denver, CO Moe's Original BBQ - Denver​
10/3 Boise, ID Neurolux​
10/4 Seattle, WA BARBOZA​
10/5 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios​
10/7 San Francisco, CA Rickshaw Stop​
10/8 Los Angeles, CA Club Bahia​
10/9 San Diego, CA The Hideout​
10/10 Phoenix, AZ The Rebel Lounge​
10/11 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad​
10/13 Austin, TX The North Door​
10/14 Dallas, TX The Prophet Bar​
10/16 Nashville, TN The High Watt​
10/17 Atlanta Center Stage - The Loft - Vinyl​
10/19 Raleigh, NC Kings​
10/20 Richmond, VA The Camel​
10/21 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda's​
10/22 Washington, DC DC9 Nightclub​
10/23 Boston, MA The Sinclair​

Tickets and additional information can be found at

CTTS solo show info:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pre-order the new pressings of As the Roots Undo and Decompositions Volume One

 Why do one thing at a time when you can do five? Today we launch a preorder for the 2nd pressing of As The Roots Undo-10th Anniversary Reissue and the 3rd pressing of our 2012 double LP Decompositions Volume One. Oh and two new shirt designs and a new hoodie. We couldn't decide which version of the Quantum Singular shirt we liked best, so we are going to offer 3 choices during the pre-order. So if you have a favorite, please order it, otherwise it may not make the final cut.

Everything you need to know should be over at our webstore,
Thank you!

As the Roots Undo LP
Green/Bone White Swirl

Bronze/Swamp Green Swirl (translucent when held up to light) 

Quantum Scaffolding T-Shirt and Zip Up Hoodie 


Quantum Singular T-Shirt (Blue and White available only as a preorder)

Decompositions Volume One (photos of vinyl colors coming soon!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Circle Takes the Square turns 15. 'Critical Mass'

It was the fall of 1999 when my friend Megan and I saw two guys putting flyers on bikes parked outside our doom in Savannah. I yelled at them from the 4th floor balcony of Oglethorpe House, as if I was genuinely concerned about my $70 Walmart bicycle. "Don't scratch the paint job, ya hooligans!" I knew one of them was in my Drawing I class, a foundations course that everyone had to take. We spent weeks drawing our faces in charcoal on 18"x24" paper. Not the entire face at once, mind you. First the Lips. Then the Eye. And not just one time. Three times each. By the time we got to the Nose I felt like I was getting the hang of it. Drawing your nose the size of an egyptian cubit might have bothered some people. But I was way into it. Maybe that's how I recognized my classmate from so far away. I'd critiqued giant versions of his facial features in class for weeks. "Hey its Rob!" and asked him what the flyers were for. He introduced me to Drew, and they invited us to Critical Mass, some kind of bikes-taking-back-the-streets gathering held monthly. Not being one for gatherings of any kind, I didn't go to Critical Mass that month, or ever.
I didn't see Drew again until our first band practice. Our drummer Jay had met him and asked him to come play with us. 'Oh hey, you're Rob's friend'. I guess that was enough to vouch for each other in our minds. Drew started showing us a bunch of riffs he'd been writing. I asked him what it was called. "Houdini Logic" he said. "Who wassit now?" I said. Took me weeks to learn how to play that song, and what it was actually called. - Kathleen
A portrait of the artist's young nose, as held by Dana Filloon of Junius.