Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm listening to a 5 minute and 46 second clip of music that Drew and Caleb worked out while at CHQ, that's canadian headquarters for those without the energy to read one post back. It was part of a separate song from Ritual of Names, but now it looks like its found a home in R.O.N.
Its so good. Its brutality is making me weepy. Our get together plans have been altered. Prey we don't alter them further.(Sorry about the star wars reference)
Three of us are getting hitched next year. If you have ever planned a wedding, you know it can be a consuming process. I'm excited and nervous about putting it all together but can't wait to see everyone who means the world to me in one room. Plus, we're having cupcakes. Maybe a show will break out...
Sorry we haven't updated I think the computer with that program and info is in computer heaven now. Some folks are still ordering merch from us, which is cool, but the 'guillotine' sticker is sold out, so a newer design will be shipped if you order it.
Thanks for checking in, now go carve a pumpkin. And eat the seeds.