Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pre-order the new pressings of As the Roots Undo and Decompositions Volume One

 Why do one thing at a time when you can do five? Today we launch a preorder for the 2nd pressing of As The Roots Undo-10th Anniversary Reissue and the 3rd pressing of our 2012 double LP Decompositions Volume One. Oh and two new shirt designs and a new hoodie. We couldn't decide which version of the Quantum Singular shirt we liked best, so we are going to offer 3 choices during the pre-order. So if you have a favorite, please order it, otherwise it may not make the final cut.

Everything you need to know should be over at our webstore,
Thank you!

As the Roots Undo LP
Green/Bone White Swirl

Bronze/Swamp Green Swirl (translucent when held up to light) 

Quantum Scaffolding T-Shirt and Zip Up Hoodie 


Quantum Singular T-Shirt (Blue and White available only as a preorder)

Decompositions Volume One (photos of vinyl colors coming soon!)