Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2nd Pressing of Decompositions Volume One!

We have repressed Decompositions on 2 new colors and with special silk screened covers, available soon on our merch site and on our upcoming Fall tour. Details of both will come forth soon, but for now we'd just like to thank Full of Hell and Code Orange Kids for sharing the road with us this month in Europe. From the breathtaking late night Paris explorations to the nausea inducing street fair rides, we had a blast with you jokers. We'll see you all soon. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows, gave us hugs, brought us avocados. Thanks to Krzys @ Roadtrip Tourservice, Nanouk @ Avocado Booking, Pressure and Ink in Koln for going above and beyond to get our merch in our hands. Our best dude Matt Gauck for coming along on this goat rodeo, and Anthony Stubelek, taker of no shit, for making us sound good. There's lots more we are grateful for, you know we love ya, the circle.
Photos courtesy of Adam @ where you can also find an archive of our entire existence as a band. Thanks Adam and Yasmine! xoxoxo