Friday, August 29, 2014

Buy Decompositions on CD for $5 this weekend til 9/1/14

Pick up a copy of Decompositions Volume Number One on CD for $5 throughout Labor Day Weekend. Thanks everyone for support with this self release! We are continually amazed by your support and generosity. 
The sale price is only available at our merch store:
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Pitchfork's Jason Heller highlights Decompositions in 'My Decade in Music So Far"

It’s no surprise that Decompositions evaded most best-of lists for 2012 and 2013; the release was split between those two years, format-wise, and CTTS was never the kind of band to pay attention to the fine art of the self-promotional hustle in the first place. But one full, deep listen to tracks like the album’s astounding eleven-minute closer, “North Star, Inverted”, ought to be enough to at least sway the uninitiated, if not outright convert them.

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