Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Its a crock pot type of album"

Above is my new favorite comment left on our myspace page. We do appreciate the continued support even though we've given you very little latley to keep your interest.

As I type Drew and Caleb are holed up in our canadian headquarters. I haven't heard from them in a week or so, I'm assuming that means they got onto a neverending riff , and thereby forgot to sleep or eat, let alone call or write. I'll give em a few more days before I call the authorities.

I am stationed in a very warm southeastern city in the United States. Every afternoon there is a fantastic thunderstorm. Our chimney leaks, as does my car. But I have no time to worry about the impending mildew in my home or vehicle, I've got work to do.

Here's a snapshot of some of my rock and roll homework:

It sorta sounds like, jugga jun jun jun jun. bohm, bere, denernener. daa na na na naa naa.

I'll report back when I get the scoop on the border destroying writing sesh.

infinite high fives,



beverly said...


Shawn said...

infinite high fives? sounds awesome!

Considering CTTS is one of few bands worth listening to on repeat until your neck cramps from headbanging (I haven't been doing enough rock workouts), I greatly anticipate the album and appreciate any updates (even if they're 'little').

ps. It's ok, I've only been waiting FOREVER.

Jimmyeatsknives said...

This is awesome. Words cannot describe how excited I am to hear the new album. As long as you guys make sure it totally kicks mass amounts of ass, take all the time you need :)


Anonymous said...

Kathy, I love how you did the sound effects lol.
I think since we've all waited 5+ years for this CD, we can wait a bit longer for the important information.
Thank you for trying.

let the starving ghosts feast said...

i dreamt about this band somehow last night (can't recall clearly but it involved me asking WHAT PERCENT?!), woke up to this. I gladly take sheets of rock homework and "Bohm. Dernerner" in place of percent. Also, Canada?! Kathy,... secret surprise show at my house okay? Brantford Ontario. Come. Bring them. Pleaaase. -Love (contingent on the secret surprise show)

Anonymous said...

a very warm southeastern city with sudden thunderstorms every afternoon? Sounds like Columbia SC. Where I am currently very warm and anticipating a thunderstorm any minute now.

manamana said...

tnks, ciao :)

Samaulle Esun said...

Wicked! Keep positive, favorite band :D

Idioten said...

Hope you'll update us more. I'm giong mad from uncertainity of what's going on with my favourite band! PLease get that album out as soon as possible!