Thursday, January 6, 2011


Two new tracks worth of drumming have been etched into digital stone. They are titled: "Prefaced by the Signal Fires..." and "...Arrowhead as Epilogue" and they make up half of a four movement composition called TOTEM : POLARIS. There are roughly two more days of tracking drums on the horizon as we wrap this one up and then tackle the last track in this collection, called "North Star, Inverted." We're thoroughly enjoying our time at Rockstudio, embracing the whirlwind of late nights and early starts in the process of singing this new world into being.
Thanks so much for all of your comments of support and for your continued enthusiasm!

the circle

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calhaus said...

best band in the world and now with news and progress is great!! :D

love you!

hope to see me fav band one day at portugal (;