Monday, February 21, 2011


Greetings! It's a fine monday afternoon here in Brunswick, GA, with plenty of sunshine and a lovely breeze to greet us whenever we are able to briefly step out of the cave (which isn't very often). We enjoyed a visit from our cello playing comrade, Lydia, on Sunday, and are thoroughly enjoying her contributions to our little project... Meanwhile, guitar tracking is underway. These songs are beginning to live and breathe on their own now and we can barely wait for their eventual release into the wild.... we've just about mapped all of the Forking Paths, and guitars for Spirit Narrative appear to be in the bag, so things are looking up(side down).


Semichastny said...

<3 Really excited! will their be a rapper on this release too? You should have Classified guest!

puxel said...

It's been more than a month.

are you still alive?