Friday, September 2, 2011

Week in Review

Hey everyone,
     We've had an exciting week. To recapitulate, we digitally released the first chapter of Decompositions Vol. 1. It's called Rites of Initiation, 4 songs spanning about 23 minutes. You can listen, download, read the lyrics and please pass it around to your friends, its available here on our bandcamp page.
     On Aug 27th, we played our first show since Nov.'07 at the Black Cat in Washington, DC. Hurricane Irene threatened to cancel the show, and did in fact cancel many of the flights, planes, and buses that a lot of you were planning to take to DC. We're sad that some of you couldn't make it after taking the time off from work and school and paying for travel, hotel and tickets. But, luckily, NPR's Lars Gotrich was there recording the whole thing! The entire show is streaming now on NPR's music website. Gnarly.
     We are planning a 2 week tour in October, and details are shaping up nicely. So far:
Oct 22nd Harrisonburg, VA @ My Mansion (265 W.Market St)
Oct 23rd Baltimore, MD @ TBA
Oct 24th Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
Oct 25th Blacksburg, VA @ 130 Jackson w/Regents
Oct 26th Greensboro, NC @ Legitimate Business w/pygmylush & systems
Oct 27th Savannah, GA @ TBA w/howler & indian giver
Oct 28th Gainesville, FL @ The FEST 10
And we are adding a few more shows, most likely South Florida, and Atlanta, GA, we'll see...keep updated on our facebook page, or sign up for our mailing list (scroll down this page, its on the right)

The merch store has been updated with a few new items, shirts, tote bags, and 2 new stickers also.

    There's a few noteworthy new interviews up this week also. Scene Point Blank asked us to recall our first FEST, it was rough, but I did my best to remember, and also, Drew talks about the writing process of Decompositions Vol.1. Read the interview here.
  Lastly, our friend Emily has recently launched an online music magazine called She caught us off our guard in the studio late one night this summer, bribed us with the finest warm Yuengling in town, rolled some video and asked us a series of daring questions about the record. The deep, dark depths this interview explores cannot be understated. Be sure to watch the bonus interview with our producer/engineer/bff  Anthony Stubelek of Rockstudio. He is much more informative than we are.
     That is all for now. In closing, thank you all for checking out our new music, for coming out to the show(or trying to...) listening, sharing, communicating, and continuing to come back for more. Thanks!

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